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Ray Hutchinson was one of the 4 members of the Beau-Marks, They were inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, thanks to the songs, Moonlight Part, Rockin Blues and Clap Your Hands.
Ray was born in Montreal, Quebec March 1940, He was the lead singer and guitar player for the group and composer. He composed Moonlight Party and Rockin Blues under the name Deltones, before it was The Beau-Marks, he was just 17.
Most of Ray's life when he was growing up was spent in the Shriners Hospitol, 12 years, he had turbuculosis in the hip. He recovered and went on to have a succesful singing career.
After the success of Moonlight Party, the Beau-Marks released a second song, Clap Your Hands for Quality Records, that became an International hit. Beacuse of the success of that song, the Beau-Marks apeared on American Bandstand with Dick Clark and performed at Carnegie Hall.
Ray, now 62 has retired but is still composing and writing songs under his Tiger Publishing. He is looking for any one who might be interested in singing some of his songs. Anyone interested can email him at mpoole19@cogeco.ca or telephone (705)743-9302.

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